Best GHD Hair Straighteners, Curlers & Tongs for 2018


At GHD Hair Straighteners we look at the best products on the market for straightening and styling and give you our reviews and opinions on what is good, what is bad, and what you should not put anywhere near your hair.


Key considerations are :

1. Do you know what size tongs you need?

2. Do you want hair straighteners that also double as curlers?

3. How hot do you need the hair straighteners to get?


Finding The Best Hair Straighteners Of 2018 For Long, Thick, Curly Hair

If you have long, thick, curly hair, finding a hair straightener capable of proving you with the sleek, smooth, straight, long-lasting style you desire can be a bit of a challenge. With that in mind, in this short article, we are going to briefly talk about a few of the features you need to look for when searching for a new hair straightener.

New Hair Straighteners Check List

Wide Plates

Since you have a lot of hair to straighten, you should ideally look for a flat iron with wide plates (3 inches or more). An iron with wide plates can save you a lot of time each morning, as you can straighten your hair in larger sections. You should also look for a device that has a very high maximum temperature. This is because thick, curly hair can be notoriously different to straighten at lower temperatures, so you need a flat iron that reaches over 260C.

High Max Temperatures

If you plan to share your straightener with others, such as your friends or sisters, you might want to look for a straightener that has variable temperature controls. This will mean that friends with fine, fragile hair can use your device at a lower temperature setting and reduce the damage caused to their locks. Some of the best hair straighteners of 2018 have digital temperature controls, which enable you to set the temperature of the plates to within 1C. What’s more, the high-end devices can store your favourite setting for convenience.


Recommended GHD Hair Straighteners for 2018

Easy to Use Temperature Controls

While you might be tempted to purchase a cheap straightener, there are many features of cheap devices that can be very annoying. For example, cheaper devices rarely feature a 360-degree swirl cord, which means it is easy to get the cord tangled and it’s difficult to move the device around your head. Unfortunately, like most things in life, you tend to get what you pay for when it comes to the hot tools marketplace.